Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Contemptor WIP part 2: the base

Hey everyone,
today i have some pics of my latest wip-project, the Contemptor Cybot.

Now i will show the technique of creating the base. I used some stuff i.e. imperial sector stuff, an a huge amonut of cast. Just remember the exact position for your contemptors feet, so that he fits into the ground =) Now you can apply the cast all over the base, just remember to do this in a "random type" os that the look becomes not to artificial.
Then, bevor the cast becomes dry, put some bitz (e.g. chain parts or something else)
 First step, i use black base coat.
 Second, lavish use of grey, not too much, so that the black coat is still visible.
Third, using several types of ink an some white colour for creating shadows and highlights. With glazing orange i esthablish some kind of rust. Now the base becomes a dirty appearence, perfectly fits into the w40k universe =)

Any questions?

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