Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Stay motivated to paint and finish a project


today I present 3 reasons, why I'm staying motivated during all these years of playing and collecting Warhammer 40.000:

Sometimes it´s a hard work to know that you have to paint a 2000 points army.
How will I take advance all the time?
Will I be able to see my wife or should I stay in my hobby-room forever?

Now, let us try to answer:

1. Making a plan is an essential work:

Instead of starting to paint and glue like a wild wookie, be sure that you know what you are doing. My plan is finishing 1 Squad, then I go to the next.. and so on. At last I paint my "Special Chars"

2. Make a break!

You paint since three days, so much the worse you see that the half of your army is not painted correct. Some legs are glued as arms. Your master of the chapter looks like a master of desaster. You drive crazy. Prevent it and make a break!

3. Keep up, because innocence proves nothing!

Once you have finished the most work and you begin to play the first games with your friends, you will loose you ambition.
Why should you fulfill your work? Your Commander looks good enough to play? Guy, it's a piece of plastic, not the ruler of your army!
Keeping up doing your job will give you an excellent painted and great looking army, which can beat every "proxy modell" at the field.

Trust me!

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